Dr. Patel and his staff are skilled and equipped for the treatment of many medical eye conditions.

  • DIABETES - Dr. Patel recommends at least an annual dilated eye exam for all of her diabetic patients. The Eye Experience advanced technology allows for the earliest detection of diabetes complications.
  • GLAUCOMA - The Eye Experience has the latest technology for the early detection and care of glaucoma. We can prevent devastating vision loss before it happens!
  • MACULAR DEGENERATION - Early detection, nutraceutical therapy, proper follow-up, and prompt surgical intervention are all ways to improve visual outcomes for Dr. Patel macular degeneration patients.
  • BLEPHARITIS AND DRY EYE DISEASE - Dr. Patel incorporates advanced testing to diagnose lid and dry eye disease at its earliest stage to improve treatment outcomes. He prescribes the latest therapies including Restasis and other anti-inflammatories.